The Latvian National Accreditation Bureau is a signatory of the EA MLA

EA MLA – European Multilateral Accreditation Cooperation Agreement – an agreement between EA full members whereby signatories recognize and accept the equivalence of other signatories’ accreditation systems, and trust the conformity assessment results provided by conformity assessment bodies accredited signatories.

Since June 8, 2022, LATAK has signed the ILAC Mutual Recognition Agreement:

ILAC is the global accreditation organization representing accreditation bodies, professional associations and stakeholders around the world.

ILAC actively cooperates with other similar organizations around the world, including the ISO, IEC and ITU standardization organizations.

Joining this international organization and signing the ILAC MRA Multilateral Recognition Agreement provides mutual recognition of the equivalence of member accreditation systems and conformity assessment results issued by accredited bodies.