Technical support

Our company pays much attention to technical support. The service centre offers maintenance, warranty and post-warranty repairs of the following products: breathing apparatus, portable and stationary compressors, and portable and stationary gas analysers.

We also provide testing and calibration of gas analysers. Technical service can be carried out in our centre or on the customer’s site.

Service is executed by qualified professionals who undertake training in manufacturer training centres every year. High skill level, the ability to apply modern technology, as well as the use of high-quality materials, along with openness, flexible pricing and individual approach to each customer, makes working with us attractive to clients.


Calibration of gas analysers is a set of operations performed to determine and confirm the actual values of metrological characteristics and/or suitability for the use of measuring instruments.

The determination of calibration is similar to the verification of gas analysers. The difference is that it is applied to the equipment not subject to verification. Calibration can also be done for verified equipment; in this case, the calibration procedure is done voluntarily to determine the performance and adjust the accuracy of the gas analysers.

Such preventive unscheduled calibrations during the valid verification can be carried out by the metrological service of the company, or by a contractor capable of performing this work.

Calibration and verification of the gas analyser is carried out following the provisions of the Law that normalize ensuring the uniformity of measurements. When carrying out direct procedures, the calibration of the gas analyser is regulated by the corresponding verification instructions, depending on the model and modification of the device.

How often to calibrate gas analysers?

According to normative documents, the calibration of the gas analyser or its verification is carried out according to the recommended frequency, which is indicated in the manufacturer’s manual.

In addition, calibration can be carried out according to additional regulations approved by the company’s internal metrological service. A gas analyser, depending on the model, may request a calibration by showing the corresponding error code on the display after self-diagnosis.

Our company has a staff of experts accredited to carry out calibration work and issue the relevant certificates of the LVS EN ISO / IEC 17025 standards.

We offer scheduled calibration of gas analysers on mutually beneficial terms of cooperation. Having rich experience in servicing gas analysis equipment and our own service laboratory, we are called upon to become your reliable partner for the calibration of gas analysers.

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