Our company supplies air gas monitoring equipment and personal protective equipment in longstanding cooperation with Dräger Safety AG & Co. The equipment includes portable and stationary devices for measuring and warning about air quality and concentration of gases, emissions, explosiveness, and toxic warfare substances.

For operative monitoring of gases in the air, we recommend portable express analysis devices compliant with the European and Latvian Standards. They consist of a manual or automatic bellows-type pump for sampling in combination with direct-reading indicator tubes of Dräger-Tubes factory calibration. This system detects and determinates the concentration of more than four hundred different gases and vapours.

In cooperation with Casella, a world-renown company, we also supply and service measuring equipment that meets the requirements of European standards and regulations, for such physical indicators of the environment as lighting, noise, and vibration.

All devices are available in various configurations with or without software and an interface for computer systems.

The second area of activity of Regardes TC is the supply, inspection, maintenance, testing, certification and verification of respirators, gas masks, compressed air and oxygen breathing apparatus, cylinders, compressors for compressed air and oxygen transfer, quality control devices for respiratory air and/or oxygen; various types of protective masks, self-contained self-rescue devices, special protective suits for firefighters and for working with chemicals, equipment made to eliminate the consequences of accidents, and scuba gear in accordance with the manufacturers’ requirements, international standards and directives, and the regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia.

All the goods provided come with comprehensive information in English and/or Latvian.

Regardes TC specialists are trained and certified in manufacturing companies and perform maintenance, regular inspections and checks, calibration, verification, repairs, keep a record of failures of all the above instruments and equipment, in strict compliance with manufacturers’ instructions, requirements of EN standards and Latvian regulations. We provide training for end-users in the proper operation of the supplied equipment. We supply products from companies whose production is generally certified to ISO 9001 quality standards, and each specific position complies with the relevant EN standard and the adapted Latvian standard.

The list of suppliers and partners of Regardes TC is not limited to the aforementioned companies. We provide full-fledged maintenance of the above instruments and equipment regardless of their origin and promptly search for original spare parts and accessories.

We ensure the issuance of a certificate to the end-user of the supplied equipment, and warranty and after-warranty service with the renewal of the certificate when required by regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia.

We have 28 years of experience in working with various gas measurement systems.

Our partners

  • Latvenergo A/s
  • Olainfarm AS 
  • Olaine chemical plant BIOLAR Ltd
  • Freeport of Riga Authority
  • Rigas udens SIA
  • Inspecta Latvia AS
  • SGS Latvia SIA
  • Freeport of Ventspils Authority
  • Poliurs SIA 
  • University of Latvia

Shipmanagement companies

  • LSC SHIPMANAGEMENT SIA c/o Latvian Shipping Company
  • V.Ships (UK)
  • Columbia Shipmanagement (Deutschland) GmbH
  • Ahrenkiei Shipmanagement GmbH
  • Navigation Maritime Bulgare
  • Murmansk Shipping Company
  • JPSHIPMAN Ship Management
  • Fast Bunkering SIA
  • Baltic Fleet Management SIA

Sea transport service companies

  • Agency companies
  • Compass Transit
  • Garant Safety SIA Auda
  • Harbour Enterprise SIA
  • Unimars SIA
  • Unitek SIA

Our projects – stationary systems

  • Poliurs SIA
  • Pauls Stradiņš Clinical University Hospital
  • Ventamonjaks serviss SIA
  • Latvenergo AS
  • Latvijas gāze AS
  • Riga East University Hospital
  • Vars SIA (Ventspils chemical terminal)
  • Rigas udens SIA
  • Olainfarm AS
  • Statoil Fuel & Retail Latvia SIA – Cirkle K Latvia SIA (oil terminal; also design work)
  • SGS Latvia SIA
  • Neste SIA (oil terminal; also design work)
  • Pirmas SIA (Jaunolaine oil terminal; also design work)

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