Electrochemical DrägerSensor


Fast response, high accuracy, great stability, long life. Electrochemical DrägerSensors offer all these benefits. You can use the robust and long-life sensors for the selective measurement of the smallest concentrations of toxic gases and oxygen in ambient air.

The electrochemical are designed to provide a reliable und stable measurement function over a long period of time. The use of resistant plastics, such as PTFE, and the purest catalysts make this possible. Additionally, a huge electrolytic reservoir and large electrode areas provide sufficient reserves for a long lifetime. The construction of the DrägerSensors offers you long stability and a low age-related drift.

All DrägerSensors are factory calibrated with the target gas. These values are saved in the internal, electronic memory. You can use the sensors in the field immediately. For some sensors other tagret gases can be selected from the internal gas library.

All sensors have an internal temperature sensor. Between -40°C and +65°C, the temperature influence is compensated for zero and sensitivity. The patented internal pressure compensation balances adverse ambient conditions, such as humidity changes or barometric variation. Due to this fact, you can use the sensors even in high or low pressure. For some sensors you can reduce the disturbing influence of cross-sensitivities by combining selective filters.

  • Low detection limits
  • Optimised selectivity
  • Excellent accuracy of measurements
  • Fast response
  • Comprehensive self-diagnosis options
  • It is possible to choose between oxygen sensors for partial pressure measurement or volume percent measurement
  • Sensors with organic electrolyte for detection limits in lower ppb range
  • Acid gas sensor AC with unlimited lifetime, due to refillable electrolyte