Dräger PSS® BG 4 plus


Designed especially for tough missions: The Dräger PSS® BG 4 plus closed-circuit breathing apparatus combines uncompromising safety with the highest level of breathing and carrying comfort. The positive pressure unit supplies the wearer with up to four hours of breathing air, even in toxic atmospheres.

We believe that our products can only fit the needs of our customers when we listen to their desires and specifications. This is why we include them in the development and design process. The modifications on the proven Dräger PSS BG 4 represents the results of practical experience, constant performance evaluations and the highest quality standards. The result is the Dräger PSS BG 4 plus. Numerous optimizations, as well as new attachments have increased its safety, longevity and ease of maintenance. The modifications can, when desired, be individually ordered or as a practical upgrade kit.

The positive pressure breathing circuit protects the wearer by preventing hazardous substances from entering the sealed breathing system. Depending on the applications, the duration of use is up to four hours. A CO2 absorber removes carbon dioxide from the exhaled air. At the same time, the breathing air is enriched with oxygen from the oxygen cylinder. Before the regenerated breathing air is inhaled again, it flows through the breathing air cooler.

The minimum valve, which enriches the breathing air with additional oxygen upon demand, has been treated with a special coating to protect against corrosion. A redesigned clip simplifies the fastening of the valve. The area around the pressure reducer has been strengthened and additional reinforcement protects the carrying plate, providing greater stability when handling the unit complete with oxygen cylinder. To reduce the temperature of the inhaled air and minimize physical stress for the wearer, the breathing air cooler can also be filled either with ice or a re-generating cooling cartridge.

Newly-developed heat protection for the breathing hose and housing are also optionally available to further reduce the temperature of the inhaled air. A T-piece with water trap can be attached to the facemask to prevent water from collecting in the flow area of the device. Any liquid discharged into the breathing circuit from the drain valve is optionally collected in an extra-absorbent fleece. The fleece is designed for single use and is easily disposed.

The cooling cartridge as an alternative to ice and can be used for a variety of applications with only three hours of recharging time necessary. The cooling cartridge can be easily exchanged and used unlimited.

The simple CO2 absorber comes complete with an integral dust filter for more operational convenience. The CO2 absorber is available as either a single use absorber or refillable cartridge. The development and production of Drägersorb® 400 soda lime along with the PSS BG 4 plus ensures the safety of the user and the long duration breathing supply.

The ergonomically shaped carrying plate with its lightweight harness, adjustable shoulder straps and easy to use “pull forward” waist belt provide more freedom of movement. The practical breathing hose routing across the shoulders ensures for ideal balance on the wearer’s back.

The data captured by the Dräger Bodyguard II electronic monitoring unit can be transmitted to Dräger PSS Merlin Telemetry Boards or Merlin Modem. This telemetric monitoring and communications system displays the Bodyguard data for each of the wearers who are logged on. As a result, entry control personnel are able to view the current status of each of the device wearers and can respond immediately in case of an emergency.