Dräger Oxy K 30 S/HW/HS

Draeger-Oxy K-30

Dräger Oxy K 30 is a series of oxygen self rescuers available as hood or mouthpiece version. It should be carried when toxic gases can be present or the atmosphere can be oxygen deficient.

If the Oxy K 30 S/HW/HS is stored, no maintenance and servicing is required for a time period of up to ten years.

The Oxy K 30 S/HW/HS is easy to operate. The housing can easily be opened, put on and positioned as required. The Oxy K 30 S is equipped with a mouthpiece, nose clip and protective googles whereas the Oxy K HW/HS features an escape hood.​

The hood provides protection for your head, face and eyes against smoke, heat and sparks. It is optimally designed for wearers of glasses, without limiting the field of vision. In addition, the hood allows for good communication, which is highly important in emergencies.

​The devices are approved according to DIN EN 13794. The hood version Oxy K 30 HW/HS is also approved according to DIN 58639, Solas and MED.

The complete Oxy K 30 series is applicable for use up to temperature class 4.

By means of the colouring of the service indicator, the user recognizes at a glance whether the device is ready-to-use. The Oxy K 30 works on the basis of chemically bound oxygen and can be used for 30 minutes.

Due to the quick-start mechanism, oxygen is immediately supplied to the wearer.​

Devices are available for training purposes in order to be perfectly prepared for cases of emergency.

Technical Data

Product typeOxygen self-rescuer
Protection againstSuddenly occurring toxic gases and/or lack of oxygen
Escape time30 minutes
Service life10 years
Weight (during use)6.17 lb
Temperature class accordingT4
Device configurationEscape hood
Included eye protection
Abrasion protection
Training unit available
Wall holder✓ (Oxy K 30 HW)
Shoulder strap✓ (Oxy K 30 HW)
Hand strap
DIN EN 13794
DIN 58639
AS/NZS 1716:2003 (MDG 3609:2010)
SANS 10338:2009
India Standard (IS 15803:2008)
Brasil CA No. 39.858