Dräger Interlock® 5000


The Dräger Interlock® 5000 is an alcohol measuring instrument with vehicle immobiliser. After a simple breath alcohol measurement it ensures a safe start in road traffic. The alcohol interlock measures the alcohol concentration in the breath of the driver and releases the engine only if the breath test was passed.

The Interlock® 5000 consists of two components – the breath alcohol measuring device and the control unit. Before the engine starts the device requests the driver to give a breath sample. The measuring result of the breath alcohol concentration determines whether the control unit releases the starter of the vehicle and the engine can be started.

The Interlock 5000 is E1-marked and complies with all requirements of the European standard EN 50436-2, which serves as reference especially for the preventive use of alcohol interlocks in many countries worldwide. The alcohol interlock helps to protect staff, passengers, and goods reliably from the risks of drink-driving. It also protects from the risks resulting from the influence of residual alcohol. The Interlock 5000 increases safety for the company and helps to prevent personal injury or damage to property caused by alcohol consumption.

The design of the Interlock 5000 is appealing and ergonomic. Operation is supported by a large display and therefore simple and intuitive. The mouthpiece is attached to the back of the handset. The Interlock 5000 is thus not immediately recognisable as alcohol ignition interlock. The mouthpiece can easily be replaced, and is hygienic and biodegradable.

The Interlock 5000 operates economically, in stand-by mode the power consumption is below 1 mA. Also while driving the device is very economic. This ensures that the operational readiness of the vehicle is not compromised at any time. The device is reliable and quickly ready for use in a temperature range of -40 °C to 85 °C. It is quickly ready for operation no matter if in cold winter or in the blazing sun.We recommend to calibrate and service the device every 12 months.

The electrochemical sensor of the Interlock 5000 specifically measures alcohol, which ensures that other exhaled substances do not distort the measurement results. This precise sensor technology is also used in breath alcohol measuring devices used by the police. The Interlock 5000 detects and documents manipulation attempts.

The device stores all relevant data in the control unit. These include, for example: submission of a breath sample or refusal to submit a breath sample, measured alcohol concentration, engine starts and stops as well as possible manipulation attempts. The data can be downloaded via an infrared interface and then be analysed. The data is protected with special encryption methods. They can only be downloaded and analysed with certain access rights, special software and the respective hardware.

For more than 60 years Dräger is a recognised reference for breath alcohol measurements in the police market. In the field of alcohol-sensitive vehicle immobilisers Dräger can look back on 20 years of experience. This know-how together with the proven measuring technology makes the Interlock 5000 a reliable and manipulation-safe solution for a safe trip.