Dräger GS3


Leak detection

As large as a ballpoint pen, the Dräger GS3 locates leaks quickly and reliably, even in hard-to-reach places. The detector for combustible gases, such as natural gas and liquid gas, detects even the smallest leaks, which it indicates with an optical and acoustic signal.


Leakage detector in pen format
The leak detector is as big as a ballpoint pen and guarantees the user a comfortable handling. Leak detection is easily possible even in hard-to-reach places. Due to its size, the Dräger GS3 is always at hand and can e.g. be conveniently stored in a shirt pocket or the belt pouch provided.


  • Gas sensor
  • Blinking LEDs
  • On/off switch

Product Advantages

Whether natural gas, liquid gas, methane, propane or butane – the handy Dräger GS3 responds quickly to flammable gases. Even the smallest leaks are reliably detected. In addition to piping, other containers and closed systems can also be checked for leaks with ease.

To ensure that no alarm goes unnoticed, the Dräger GS3 not only has an acoustic alarm signal but also an optical flashing alarm.

The leak detector is only the size of a ballpoint pen and can be stored compactly in any shirt pocket. This guarantees comfortable handling – and leak detection can also be carried out without difficulty in places that are difficult to access.

The GS3 calibrates itself each time it is restarted. This eliminates maintenance.

So your GS3 is always protected and ready to hand.