Dräger Bodyguard® II


The Dräger Bodyguard® II is a fully electronic signal and warning unit for use with compressed air breathing apparatus and closedcircuit breathing apparatus. Combining a host of previously separate warning and monitoring devices into a single and simple to use instrument, the Bodyguard II is an ideal monitoring and safety solution for any first responder.

The Bodyguard II combines a distress signal unit, pressure gauge, air time remaining readout, temperature sensor and data logger in a single device. At a glance the user can understand his/her air supply and environmental status in dangerous surroundings, whilst still maintaining full concentration on the task in hand.

Combining large buttons, a backlit display, two display modes (digital and analogue) and built-in motion sensors make the Dräger Bodyguard II a simple and easy device to operate, even with full firefighting clothing donned.

Pressure, air time remaining and temperature are continuously monitored, with critical alarm alerts (audible/visual) set to user defined levels operating independantly of one another. All data is automatically logged in the Dräger Bodyguard II, allowing post incident analysis for training purposes and incident investigations.

The Dräger Bodyguard II has an integrated PASS device within its single unit housing, further enhancing firefighter safety. With a built in motion sensor and a manual “panic” button the device can be activated automatically (during a period of non-motion) or manually in emergency situations, producing both audible and visual alarms to alert colleagues.

The Dräger Bodyguard II is supplied enabled to support the PSS Merlin Telemetry system. With no modifications nor firmware updates necessary, the upgrade to a full telemetry system is quick and easy. Once upgraded, the Dräger Bodyguard II with the PSS® Merlin Telemetry allows remote monitoring of the key SCBA statistics, allowing early deployment of rescue teams should an emergency scenario arise.

Using our simple Windows based software, the Bodyguard II can be configured (via the IR communication port) to a user’s definied setting for alarm activation, for each of the inherent functions of the device. This flexibility allows the Dräger Bodyguard II to be implemented into any standard procedures with the minimum of training, enhancing the user’s personal safety and the Fire Brigade’s overall safety procedures.