Dräger Alcotest® 6820 med


The Dräger Alcotest® 6820 med is a special version of the proven Dräger Alcotest® series. It has been designed for diagnostic applications, where the CE marking for medical products is necessary and offers a variety of features that ease daily practices within the medical field.

​The Dräger Alcotest 6820 med has a CE marking in accordance with EU directive 93/42/EWG for medical devices. The Dräger Alcotest 6820 med, therefore, meets all the requirements for use in surgical operations, in the emergency room and for methadone substitution therapy.

The electrochemical Dräger Sensors® delivers reliable results quickly even with high alcohol content. Blowing resistance is low, therefore the test can also be used if the test person has a low respiratory volume. The automatic adjustment measures the respiratory flow and adapts the minimum volume in such a way that air is taken from deep inside the lungs. Manually triggered collection can even be used for people who are not conscious. The device displays the test results on a backlit graphics display with LEDs in different colors and, with acoustic signals.

​The device meets maximum hygiene requirements. This includes a patented single-use mouthpiece with a non-return valve. Another feature is the spacer which prevents direct contact between the lips and the device. When the test is completed, the mouthpiece can be removed quickly, securely and hygienically from the device.

​The instrument is no bigger than a shirt pocket and is easy to operate. The mouthpiece can be fitted quickly and securely. Thanks to the special ergonomic shape the device can be operated by right-handed or left-handed persons.

​The Dräger Alcotest 6820 med has a memory for 1500 test results. Via an optical interface, the results can be printed on the Dräger Mobile Printer or, transferred to a PC.

​The device is powered by two 1.5 V AA Alkaline batteries, sufficient for approximately 1500 tests at room temperature. Alternatively, two 1.2 V rechargeable NiMH batteries can be used. They can be charged inside the device.

Technical Data

Sensor technology
Dräger Electrochemical Sensor / Fuel cell
Data storage5000 Tests
Data readout via PC
Charging of rechargeable batteries in device
Print option

Language conversion by customer

Active breath alcohol test
Non-Contact breath test
Passive breath alcohol test
Dräger Alcotest mouthpiece
Dräger Alcotest funnel
Displayed ResultsAlcohol concentration value will be shown
Measuring range
up to 2.5 mg/L
Operating temperature-5°C – 50°C
DisplayBlack / White
Connection port3.5mm
Type of battery2xAA-LRG / 2x NiMH
Number of tests from full battery1500
Protection classIP54
Calibration interval6 months
Start up time
2 seconds
Analyse time after test sample
3 to 25 seconds
Recovery time to be ready for next test20 to 120 seconds
CE Sign
EU Police approval (EN15964)
EU Private Use approval (EN16280)
✗ not approved, because not required as no application in this area
NHTSA Evidential
Australia AS 3547:1997
German Lloyd
US Coast Guard